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Emerging Leaders Program

Leadership takes a desire to get better.

A company's growth is dependent on the leader's growth. Employees' growth is dependent on the company's growth. 

Join the mentor/mentee developmental session for managers.

Learn, discuss, and practice

Part ONE of an optional two-part series!

Six (6) week commitment

A virtual two-hour weekly workshop


Register for our July 2023 Session

Virtual Team Meeting

Build Confidence

Experience & Preparation Matter

Whether you are new to management or a seasoned professional, the conversations you have as a peer, boss or authority figure matter. Constructive and meaningful conversations are essential. What if you had the foresight and could practice those conversations and learn to have them with respect and confidence? 

 a new perspective offers a safe space providing an opportunity to gain self-awareness about how you may come across to others. Handling a difficult situation is not a one-and-done event nor a one size fits all response.

Join the Emerging Leaders virtual workshop to learn and support others to become more savvy and confident communicators. 

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