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Part of your Wellness Benefit & Inclusion Plan

anew perspective

Let's explore how this program should be incorporated into your business as a Voluntary Benefits Program.  We look forward to working with you!

​Employees, Managers, and Executives rarely reach out for help but may display behaviors that they are struggling with. When employees lose focus due to conflicts in different areas of their personal lives, it affects their output on the job and companies pay the price. A good employee may exit either by way of a leave of absence or trying to find greener pastures elsewhere. An employee could not be as engaged, excited, or focused as they once were. Others become unhappy and quit their jobs because of their boss or other personality conflicts become too much.  

People quit their relationship and leave because they don’t know how to handle conflict or change the other person. It’s not realistic to change your boss, peers, significant other, or anyone for that matter. Understanding differences and having self-awareness is key in any healthy interaction. 

Rather than wait for a good employee to leave or have a decline in performance, anew perspective offers a proactive approach that can improve individual performance before there is an issue.   

A happy employee is a productive employee leaving key managers and departments to focus on growth rather than putting out fires.

anew perspective is a skills-based workshop that provides your employees with greater self-awareness, social sensitivity, confidence, and a sense of purpose. Employers can purchase this workshop for their employees to attend, as a voluntary benefits plan to offer. 

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