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A Virtual Workshop

TIme Committment

Participants will meet one time per week, for a two-hour workshop, over the course of 12 weeks.  


Price is per participant

Group discounts are available.


No buy-in costs 

No memberships 

No contracts

No minimums

Advertise in your organization and only pay for what you purchase.


Each meeting will be held virtually on Zoom. Participants can dial in from their office or the comfort of their own homes. 

Sign Up

Before joining the workshop employers and participants will be provided with instructions on how to register.

2022 Schedule

2022 Workshops:

New sessions run quarterly!

Timeslots will be considered based on participant minimums per class.

Program Flexibility

anew perspective can be an employer-paid voluntary benefit. 


A new topic is introduced each week with multiple time slots available. 

Inclusion Initiatives

Professional Development

Leadership Practices

Employee Support and Growth

Healthy and Respectful Culture 

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