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Remember when you signed that job offer or went on that first date? It was pretty exciting, and you were on your best behavior. As time passed, different expectations crept in, and you became comfortable. At some point, you realized you were in a situation that was not exactly what you imagined.

Many of us manage relationships as a series of choices. When we feel like we have no other options we tend to move to extremes where we default to our instincts. This can appear that you have changed, maybe closed off, or feel that your opinion is not being considered. These "new" behaviors displayed are not always how we want to be perceived.

With anew perspective, you can learn how to build effective and healthy relationships by gaining critical communication skills. Even those that have great personal relationships at home and with coworkers can benefit. 

This virtual workshop is for those who are ready to explore! 

Stressed Woman

By Understanding Ourselves We Can Understanding Others

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